The past decade has been a period of polarisation and fragmentation in Europe with the financial crisis and rapid technological change widening socio-economic inequalities. Intergenerational inheritance of (dis)advantage has become increasingly predictive of an individual’s opportunity, and young people in particular have become the demographic age group most at risk of experiencing poverty in Europe. In urban settings these disparities are particularly prevalent.

Policies attempting to mitigate the effects of urban inequality, often disregard affected citizens’ experiences, and thus fail to affect maximum impact. By incorporating these perspectives into the policy design process, UPLIFT aims to find innovative interventions in a bottom-up approach.

Aims of UPLIFT

  1. To understand patterns and trends of inequality across Europe
  2. To understand how individuals experience and adapt to inequality through participatory research
  3. Together with communities in four locations, co-design a policy tool aimed at addressing and reducing inequality and socio-economic divisions.
  • Our Approach

    UPLIFT will involve research and action in 16 different urban areas across Europe.

  • Our partners

    We are a team of 15 international partners working together to better understand the lived experience of young people. Made up of academic partners, independent research organisations, social workers, local municipalities and others, we aim to explore how young people’s voices can be put at the centre of youth policy