The data and insight has been packaged and visualised in several different ways, to enable a range of audiences to use the data for different purposes. Note: the atlas is best viewed on a large screen.

National data explorer

Explore national indicators of inequality for the UPLIFT case study locations, as analysed in D1.3. Navigating the left-hand menu displays a wide range of indicators.  This includes a description of each indicator, and the ability to view changes over time: darker colours on the map represent greater inequality/ deprivation. Click on each country to view a pop-up displaying the precise data for each indicator (for both the total population and urban youth population).

The yellow beacons represent the 16 Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) included in the Uplift project. Click on these for a description of the FUA, and follow the link to further explore the urban story.

Urban data explorer

Use our data dashboard to explore the available local data for each of the UPLIFT case study locations, and make comparisons across these urban areas.

Urban stories

These storymaps draw together insights on inequalities and policies affecting urban youth, across education, employment and housing, from the WP2 urban reports and data analyses.

Innovation Story

Explore the case studies of post-crisis policy innovation from D2.3.