Project Coordinators:

Metropolitan Research Institute

The Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI), is an internationally recognized independent research and consultancy company based in Budapest, Hungary. It consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced economists and sociologists working on different aspects of urban development.

Since the 1990s, MRI has been involved with a wide range of international projects under a range of UN Habitat, UN ECE, Council of Europe, World Bank, USAID, which aimed to address the challenges faced by Central and Eastern European post-socialist countries whilst transitioning towards democratic, market-based urban development systems. Since the 2000s MRI intensified its collaborations with EU programmes to contribute east-central European knowledge and experiences to these varied European perspectives.

The different divisions of MRI deal with core issues of sustainable and inclusive development of European cities, such as inner city regeneration, issues around large housing estates, urban sprawl, provision of affordable housing, challenges faced by ethnic minorities, segregation and marginalization of areas and energy poverty.

Project Partners:

  • Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres


  • Deusto Foundation: Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness

  • ERETZA - Barakaldo


  • The Institute for Housing and Urban Research




  • TU Delft

  • UP19

  • University of Tartu

  • Woonstichting De Key

  • The Young Foundation