In Amsterdam De Key housing corporation, the municipality of Amsterdam and TU Delft and !WOON are working together to facilitate the UPLIFT project. They kicked off events on November 13, 2020 at a live interactive online youth panel, called the “Woontop, Youth Housing.”

During this event, young people discussed the future of youth housing together with housing market professionals, including as aldermen (council members), officials and housing consultants. Three urban themes were the focus of the conversations: housing distribution, housing concepts & housing needs and rental rights.

The event was a wonderful kick off to this project and generated a lot of enthusiasm for moving forward. City councillor Mr. Ivens was an audience member and said in his closing speech that he was impressed by the enormous expertise and enthusiasm that was shown during the Woontop: “We should make use of that more often and start talking about it!”. Partners in Amsterdam are looking forward to continuing to engage youth in more discussions such as this one in the coming year. Keep checking in here to hear more about progress on Uplift Amsterdam and other locations!