"They shared many personal experiences."

Second town hall meeting in Portugal!

On 14th July 2021, the UPLIFT TEAM in Portugal had an exciting discussion with a group of young adults living in Zambujal, a social housing quarter in Amadora.

Cooperactiva, is a voluntary organisation based in the area and it was with their support that we were able to meet this fantastic group of young people.   The meeting took place at the premises of CAZAmbujal, a local youth association, they kindly provided the room for this event.

The group was made up of five people aged between 20 and 26 years old from differenet ethnic backgrounds.  Three were employed and two were recipients of the minimum income scheme.

They shared many experiences, some quite heartbreaking, related to the areas of education, housing and employment.

All the young people involved, expressed their desire to remain living in the area and raise their children there, however, they are hopeful that circumstances will improve so that future generations will have more opportunities.