Deliberative Democracy Days Conference

24 March 2023

UPLIFT project presented at the ‘Deliberative Democracy Days: Moving deliberative democracy and participatory tools forward’ conference in Brussels.

Our Amsterdam Youth board travel to Spain!

Amsterdam , 31 January 2023

How do young people in Amsterdam look back on their visit to an international conference?

Economic competitiveness and social cohesion of European cities

One of the scientific objectives of the UPLIFT project was to analyse the role of economic competitiveness of European cities and how it links with lower levels of social inequalities. With particular focus in the areas of education, housing and employment experiences of the urban young population.

Amsterdam Youth Board advises on municipal youth housing policy

Amsterdam , 25 January 2023

Young people in Amsterdam created a manifesto on local housing mismatches as an outcome of the UPLIFT project.

Summary of Discussion: Deliberative Democracy Festival

24 October 2022

Shared experiences and learnings from working with young people.

Discover Barakaldo

Barakaldo ,

A new way to compare urban-level data for UPLIFT

18 October 2022

Along with the ability to compare of national-level indicators and delve into urban stories, the updated version of the UPLIFT Interactive Atlas now includes a data dashboard which enables users to make comparisons of urban-level data for the project’s 16 case study locations.

Storytelling event in Barakaldo

Barakaldo , 8 October 2022

‘Don’t you, forget about me’ is the title of a well-known Simple Mind’s song. These words also popped up strongly in the Storytelling workshops in Barakaldo, when both youngsters and policymakers recognised that their worlds are increasingly distant.

Do we share the same city?

Sfantu Gheorghe , 27 September 2022

The Sepsi LAG Association organised a mind mapping workshop with the Uplift Youth Board on 16th of August at Sfantu Gheorghe/Sepiszentgyorgy.