On 2nd November all 16 partners, as well as stakeholders involved came together for a virtual two day peer to peer consortium event, sharing reflections, experiences, learnings and offering collaborative support.

It was enriching to hear the insightful experiences from the teams based in Tallin, Amsterdam, Barakaldo and Sfentu Gherghe.  They shared their experiences of policy co-creation at a local level with local youth boards and partners.  As well as delving into unique insights and experiences, many similarities in relation to vulnerability and accessibility were probed.

Young people were also involved, sharing their experiences and takings from the work on the ground, as well as actively engaging in co-creation.

Opportunities, as well as differences and some challenges were reflected upon and synergised in smaller group discussions and breakout rooms.

Objectives were revisited with some new actions agreed.

Altogether, it was a valuable event, supportive of UPLIFTs goals through communication and exchange.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and amazing to come together and get to know one another as a collective Europe wide team.