24 May 2023 @ 10:00 - 12:00

This is the second of two online seminars that the UPLIFT team is hosting to present the key findings of the UPLIFT research project.

The focus of these seminars will be the exploration of the underlying causes of social inequalities among young people and how policies related to youth can be better customized. We will introduce the concept of Reflexive Policy Making, which involves a co-creation process where young people are actively engaged in the design, implementation, and monitoring of policies. We believe that this approach will help to create policies that better address the needs and concerns of young people.

This second session will focus on the co-creation work that we have carried out with young people for the past 3 years. In four European cities (Amsterdam, Tallinn, Sfantu Gheorghe, Barakaldo), a youth panel together with institutional partners (municipalities, NGOs) developed new policy initiatives to counter youth disadvantage and inequality in education, employment and housing. During this online seminar we will look back at these policy co-creation processes and reflect on each step of our approach. What were the methodological challenges? To what extent did the process add value for the young people and policymakers involved, and what did we learn from it?

Please note this event is from 10am – 12pm CEST.

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