16 May 2023 @ 10:00 - 12:00

This is the first of two online seminars that the UPLIFT team is hosting to present the key findings of the UPLIFT research project.

The focus of these seminars will be the exploration of the underlying causes of social inequalities among young people and how policies related to youth can be better customized. We will introduce the concept of Reflexive Policy Making, which involves a co-creation process where young people are actively engaged in the design, implementation, and monitoring of policies. We believe that this approach will help to create policies that better address the needs and concerns of young people.

In this first session, we are going to introduce four cases which will illustrate how and what intersectional factors contribute to young people being trapped in low socio-economic status and what possible “ways out” can be identified. Based on the examples of Amadora in Portugal, Chemnitz in Germany, Corby in the UK, and Pécs in Hungary, we will discuss how young people (aged 15-29) make choices regarding their education, employment and housing which then result in low educational background, low-paid jobs, insecure employment positions and housing affordability issues.

There will also be a discussion about the recommendations towards policy reform that have emerged from the comparison of the four cases.

Please note this event is from 10am – 12pm CEST.

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