The deliverable (D) 4.2 is a formal update of D4.1, this can be found under the ‘Insights and Reporting’ tab.  These deliverables are the four localised Action Plans for the UPLIFT project.

All four action plans do share common methodological approaches, as well as being reflective of the co-creation process, as well as timelines for research.  It is a great starting point to gain an insight into the project and its evolution thus far, as well as the co-creation activities in the four locations.

The updates to the Action plan include a theoretical section update.  This now includes some perspectives based on the Capability Approach (CA).  The methodological section has also been updated to reflect changed practices, and clearer guidelines on diversity and gender approaches.

The four sections on the state of the art of the four Local Action Plans are also brand new.  These have been added to explain the progress that has occurred in each location in terms of stakeholders, participation of young people, process and outputs.  As well as this, a new section has been added to reflect on the nature of the co-creation process, based on the experiences of WP4 implementation sites.

The deliverable ends with an outline of the future steps that will be taken in WP4. It is important to note that the four locations are at different stages of the co-creation process.

Indeed, different contexts, different relations with stakeholders and young people, as well as different focus for the policy agenda heavily affects the speed of the process and its path, this clearly emerges from the four Action Plans.