• Leuven

    Leuven is home to one of Europe’s most innovative universities with a combined student and research staff population of over 55,000.

  • Łódź

    A former industrial hub, Łódz  relied heavily on its textile industry until the 1960’s when the unemployment rate soared and eventually led to emigration.

  • Lom

    Lom, Bulgaria is one of the poorest regions of Europe where Roma communities make up a very large fraction of the population, living across four segregated neighbourhoods.

  • Mulhouse

    Mulhouse, France is a centre of the trinational metropolitan region of Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg linking France, Germany and Switzerland.

  • Pécs

    Pécs is the fifth largest city in Hungary and a university town with rich cultural heritage.

  • Sfântu Gheorghe

    Sfantu Gheorghe is located in the central, historical region of Transylvania. The majority of the population is made up of Hungarians (77%), with 22% identifying as Romanians and most of the remaining population as Roma.

  • Tallinn

    As the capital of Estonia, Tallinn is also the country’s financial and business centre, having a strong labour market.